Hi Victoria,

(I wrote this yesterday, but seems that the sending failed! Anyhow, here is an answer complementing Oliver's reply.)

Not sure what you mean with retrieve. If you just want to export the data to files, easiest is to do the storing inside the agenda. For example:

AgendaSet( iy_main_agenda ){
  WriteXML( "binary", ppvar_t, "ppvar_t.xml" )

This works for a single beam calculation. If you calculate several pencil beams in one ARTS call, there is nowadays a way to give each file an unique number. You then write to file like this (still inside the agenda):



arts -d iy_id

for information on the numbering scheme.



On 2018-12-18 18:30, Victoria Sol Galligani wrote:
Hi! I'm updating old codes to use the latest version of arts and I am having some trouble. I'm trying to retrieve pressure, temperature, and other variables along the ppath. I am trying to use iyEmissionStandard the following way:

Copy(iy_main_agenda, iy_main_agenda__Emission)

IndexSet(iy_agenda_call1, 1)
Tensor3SetConstant( iy_transmission, 0, 0, 0, 0.0 )


iyEmissionStandard( iy, iy_aux, diy_dx, ppvar_p, ppvar_t, ppvar_nlte, ppvar_vmr,       ppvar_wind,
                     ppvar_mag, ppvar_f, ppvar_iy,
                     ppvar_trans_cumulat, ppvar_trans_partial, iy_id,
                     stokes_dim, f_grid, atmosphere_dim, p_grid,
                     z_field, t_field, nlte_field, vmr_field,
                     abs_species, wind_u_field, wind_v_field,
                     wind_w_field, mag_u_field, mag_v_field,
                     mag_w_field, cloudbox_on, iy_unit, iy_aux_vars,
                     jacobian_do, jacobian_quantities, ppath,
                     rte_pos2, propmat_clearsky_agenda,
                     water_p_eq_agenda, iy_main_agenda,
                     iy_space_agenda, iy_surface_agenda,
                     iy_cloudbox_agenda, iy_agenda_call1,
                     iy_transmission, rte_alonglos_v,
                     surface_props_data )

and I can't seem to be able to ignore diy_dx

What is the correct way to retrieve for example ppvar_p, ppvar_t and ppvar_vmr

Thank you in advance!!!


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