My name is Eric Sauvageat and I am a new PhD student in the MW Physics group at 
the Institute of Applied Physics of University Bern.

My main task for the coming year it to set up a new harmonized retrieval for 
the two ground-based MW radiometers measuring Ozone profile in Switzerland.
In this regards, the goal is to continue using ARTS as radiative transfer model 
and switch to ARTS-3 when it will be released.

The current retrievals are using Matlab and Qpack for the interaction with ARTS 
and there is now the question arising if the new retrievals should be written 
on Matlab or switched to Python.
In order to take a decision within the group, I would like to ask you the 
following questions regarding the future views for ARTS-3:

1. Will it be possible to continue using Qpack with the new release of ARTS and 
if yes, will it involve some major changes in the way of programming a new 
retrieval ?

2. What are (if existing) the long-term view of the ARTS developers regarding 
the use of Qpack with ARTS-3 ? Will it stay supported as the main way of 
interacting with ARTS or are there some inclinations towards some other ways 
(for instance using Typhon) ?

I am looking forward to hearing from you and I thank you in advance for your 

Best regards,
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