Hi Everyone,

I had a couple of questions about jacobian calculations in ARTS.

The ARTS user guide in chapter 16 mentions that none of the scattering methods 
can provide jacobians, and currently only works in clear sky cases.

But, the ARTS built-in documentation shows the methods "jacobianAddScatSpecies" 
and "jacobianAddSpecialSpecies" .

So, my questions are:

1.)  Can the Monte Carlo module be used along with "jacobianAddScatSpecies" to 
calculate jacobians in a cloud box area containing multiple scattering species?

2.)  Can the above said method be used to calculate jacobians throughout the 
atmosphere in a scenario where some part of the atmosphere is cloudbox and rest 
is clearsky.

3.) Is there an ARTS method for 3D atmosphere to calculate the jacobians only 
along the line of sight of the sensor and not the complete atmosphere?, without 
defining the retrieval grid?


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