Hi, all
    (1) Recently I was using ARTS to simulate scattering effects and I 
generated pnd_field (Tensor4) using WSM pnd_fieldCalcFromParticleBulkProps. The 
pressure grid of the IWC is not consistent with my p_grid. Therefore, i need to 
create ArrayOfGriddedField3 and convert pnd_field from Tensor4 to 
ArrayOfGriddedField3 , and then i can use pnd_fieldCalcFrompnd_field_raw. 
However, I didn't find any method to set the ArrayOfGriddedField3 (grid and 
data), only create. Is there any way to achieve this conversion?
    (2) Is there any way to achieve conversion from Index/Numeric to string. 
This would help a lot with the naming of the files I write out while looping.

Best Regards,
Shaofei Wang
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