Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the quick answer and the demo.

I'll try the manual setup from Python then.


On 15/08/2022 21:01, Patrick Eriksson wrote:

There is no ready ARTS method for setting up backend_channel_response. But I think the description
arts -d backend_channel_response
is quite clear and you should be able to use Matlab or Python to set it up. What you need to do is basically to repeat for each channel what backend_channel_responseFlat produces.

There is one demo in Atmlab doing this. Attached.



On 2022-08-15 17:12, Eric Sauvageat wrote:
Dear ARTS community,

For my ground-based ozone retrievals, I'm trying to implement a rectangular channel response for my spectrometer. Actually, I am dealing with a filter bank spectrometer with refined resolution at the line center so I am trying to implement individual channel widths for each spectrometer channels.

It seems that the workspace method "backend_channel_responseFlat" would be the correct one to use for this purpose but it seems to only use a single "resolution" value for all channels. Is that correct and if yes, is there any ways to input an "array of channel width" to get different response for each channel ?

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