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H Terrence

Terrence Brannon wrote:
> Hi Stuart,
> Thanks for writing asciidoc. It is the cleanest yet most powerful
> solution to authoring docs for a variety of output formats that I have
> found.

Thank you.

> One suggestion: please make some mention of where configuration files
> need to be copied put when one is installing from source. Although I am not a
> python person, I grokked GLOBAL_CONFIG_DIR and changed it to something
> that works for me. However, many people may have not been able to do
> so.

The GLOBAL_CONFIG_DIR was really for packagers who split the 
distributuion to comply with distribution install policies (see my notes 
below). If you're installing from the distribution tarball just unzip 
locally e.g. to ~/bin, put a symlink to asciidoc.py somewhere in your 
$PATH -- no need to manually split the package up.

AsciiDoc gives the warning because (by default) it embeds the 
stylesheets in the
XHTML output -- in this sense they really are configuration files (if
the user wants to override use the -a imagesdir=my-css-dir
command-line option).

The second (unrelated) use of stylesheets is to make the ./docs and
./examples/website work.

So the stylesheets should go in /etc/asciidoc/stylesheets/ but a copy
should remain in /usr/share/asciidoc/.

The distribution would be split between /etc/asciidoc, /usr/bin/ and
/usr/share/asciidoc/ as follows:

- Unpack entire distribution tarball to /usr/share/asciidoc/

- Move asciidoc.py to /usr/bin/

- Move the *.conf files to /etc/asciidoc/

- Move ./filters/{code-filter.conf,code-filter.py} to /etc/asciidoc/filters/

- Copy ./stylesheets/xhtml*.css to /etc/asciidoc/stylesheets/

Note that the configuration related stylesheets are copied (not moved).

We are now left with all the necessary stylesheets, images and (most 
importantly) symlinks in /usr/share/asciidoc/ to make the docs and 
example website fully functional.

> Cheers,
> Terrence

Cheers, Stuart
Stuart Rackham
  http://www.methods.co.nz/asciidoc/  -- Text based document generation

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