Hi Terrence

Terrence Brannon wrote:
> Hi Stuart,
> 1. I have a need for creating inline literal/code elements, such as:
> Whenever you call the <code>addYen()</code> function,
> I want to know what plain-text markup is used to simulate the code
> tags I used above.

Define your own quotes, something like:



Your example: Whenever you call the _addYen()_ function,

See the 'Configuration Files -> Special Sections -> Quoted Text' User
Guide section.

> 2. In this text, a warning is thrown about a missing irc macro:
> So, after this, I jumped on irc://irc.freenode.net/#haskell[the
> Haskell IRC channel] and asked if anyone had any suggestions for
> How can I get such a macro to work for me?

I don't know what backend markup you want but for HTML something like
(this is the same as the predefined [http-inlinemacro] in xhtml11.conf):

<a href="{name}:{target}">{0={name}:{target}}</a>

This would generate: <a href="irc://irc.freenode.net/#haskell">The
Haskell IRS channel]</a>

> 3. I created the mailing list (cc'ed above) but have seen no
>    traffic. Also, since asciidoc is hosted on sourceforge, I think you
>    can create a mailman list there if you dont want to use mine.

It's fine where it is, I expect traffic will be quite low, AsciiDoc has
a low profile and most users tend to stick with a fairly basic subset of
the default markup syntax (I haven't forgotten to announce the mailing
list on the webpage, just been batching up changes).

Cheers, Stuart
Stuart Rackham

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