I've hooked up asciidoc into 3 wikis and i'd like to tell about here. 

Home brew python hack

As I mentioned in an earlier post I wrote down some lines of python to get some
asciidoc files served over http and rendered by asciidoc. Editing can be done
either by using your favorite editor or a simple input form. Works so far but 
all that useful wiki functionality like title lists etc....so proceeding to
"real" wikis...


Ikiwiki is a small and fast wiki compiler which uses markdown as syntax. The
parser plugin interface allows easy integration of other syntax formats. 40
lines perl module code are enough to get pages rendered by asciidoc. Asciidoc
gets addressed over a duplex pipe. The reason why I choose Ikiwiki is that it
natively supports several versioning systems as storage backend (including git).
Thanks to pitrp for the hint. The drawback I see using Ikiwiki is that a full
featured systemwide webserver is required if you'd like to use the cgi


MoinMoin also has a plugin interface for syntax parser. You can define the
parser used for a page by adding "#format someparser" at top of page. For this
proof of concept I've added a asciidoc parser plugin that acts like the perl
module for ikiwiki described above (popen2...). The problem here is, that all
that nice macros and system page features of moinmoin can't be used in a
asciidoc page. The solution for that might be implementing a asciidoc parser in
the way some people did for the mediawiki and dokuwiki syntax (look at
ParserMarket on the MoinMoin site) but the macros won't work if you try to
render your pages outside of moinmoin.
MoinMoin uses files as storage backend. For every revision of a page a single
file is held. Not quite userfriendly when editing outside of moinmoin. Maybe a
set of links pointing to the current version may help here....
I'm using the Desktop edition of moinmoin.



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