On 07 Feb 2007, Felix Obenhuber wrote:
> I've hooked up asciidoc into 3 wikis and i'd like to tell about here.
> Ikiwiki is a small and fast wiki compiler which uses markdown as 
> syntax. The parser plugin interface allows easy integration of other 
> syntax formats.  40 lines perl module code are enough to get pages 
> rendered by asciidoc.

Did you go any further with this?  Is the plugin publishable?

I'm looking for something to handle static generation of a basic website 
along with basic blogging.  Ikiwiki looks good for this, but the 
existing markup formats it has seem to be too simplistic for what I 

Does anyone here know of any existing wiki or blogging programs using 
asciidoc, and allowing static page generation?  I'd rather not build it 
myself if there is already something suitable available.


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