I cannot figure out how to turn on table of contents (in xhtml code) in 
document. I am able to generate table of contents by calling
"asciidoc -a toc docname.txt". However I would prefer to be able to indicate 
that I want toc in text of my document. I tried to put ":toc:" or "[toc]" in 
my documents but it has no effect.

I such thing possible? And how can I do this? You may ask why I want to put 
attribute into the text of document rather than to config file or to command 
line option. I want table of contents only in some longer documents and not 
in short ones, so config file is not suitable. And I'm generating xhtml 
dynamically by CGI (FastCGI to be exact) script, which means that command 
line options should be the same for all documents.


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