I hope that this has not been answered too often, but new to
asciidoc and docbook, I didn't find my way through the documentation.

When publishing a document with a2x to xhtml, I get a toc on top with
the title "Table of Contents".  Where can I change that, e.g. to
"Inhaltsverzeichnis" (or get rid of the whole line)?  Or rename
"Chapter" to "Abschnitt"?

Then, when I process

        asciidoc -a toc -a numbered myfile.txt,

I get no toc, only the numberings.

When I process

        a2x --asciidoc-opts=numbered myfile.txt
        a2x --asciidoc-opts=--attribute=numbered myfile.txt

I get the toc, but no numberings.  Looked in the configuration files,
manpages, changed the a2x script, am a bit helpless.  That must be
something obvious that I am overlooking.

   This is opensuse 10.2; I installed the asciidoc package via Yast.
Then I realize that javascripts/toc.js was missing.  I copied that into
javascripts/ with no result (don't know javascript).


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