First of all thanks for this discussion list and
thanks for the excellent tool asciidoc.

1. I would like to know if there is an easy way to
automatically format paragraphs so that when printed
in a pdf they are like a traditional book or report
format. For example you would have the first line
indented by about 4-5 spaces, and there would be no
extra space or lines inbetween paragraphs.

Currently, I seem to get what I consider traditional
webpage style paragraphs in html and pdfs generated
from docbook. For example, the first line is not
indented and there is one line of space between each
paragraph. I like that setting for when I use asciidoc
to create my website pages, but when I'm using it to
write reports it would be nice to have a different
type of formating.

2. I've been experimenting and haven't found the right
combination. I would like to have a numbered list
(like when you are writing a quiz with numbered
questions) then after or before certain numbered
questions I would like to be able to insert a box with
different material like a quote that the student would
have to read and then respond to in the next question
or material helps that are used to help answer the
previous question. Is there a way to stop the numbered
list, insert a box or paragraph of material, and then
pick up the numbered list again?

3. Finally, I may be having difficulty because of
using 8.1 on some machines and 7.1 on others. To make
a text italics does this not work under 7.1.0 when you
use the "_" character?

4. If I have a quote which quotes someone else
normally that is written using a " character at the
start of the quotation, and then a ' character at the
beginning of the interior quote, then another ' and a
final " to end the whole quote. This seems to mess up
asciidoc in the conversion. Is there a way to do
quotes within quotes or do I have to use special
characters to quote text properly?

I have read the manual, but I don't quite understand
the above issues from the manual pages. Thank you for
any help you could offer.

I have been encouraging my LUG members to consider
using asciidoc for note taking and other tasks so that
they can take advantage of plain text editors.


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