Hi all,

I have the unfortunate news to report that it was unclear to me that the 
asciidoc syntax file for vim was a rewrite of what was posted on the 

Since I worked on my own version and was recently finishing it for 
testing. I noticed that on OpenSUSE with a newer vim the official asciidoc 
syntax file was shipped already.

I then tried to merge what I already had with the official asciidoc syntax 
file and this resulted in the file that is available from:


My intention was to stay away from "highlight link" since it is 
incompatible with vim < 6.0. Also I wanted to stay away from the 
default highlight definitions since they are oriented at programming 

Secondly, current shells have capabilities like underlining and bold. And 
gvim can even do italic. For that reason, I defined the style for most 
highlight definitions myself, including term, cterm and gui.

I also added a few vim config settings that probably do not belong in this 
file, but are very useful.

I like the coloring of this file over the official one as I tried to make 
sure that the meaning of the color is consistent over different Docbook 
tags. (eg. yellow means monospace, visible part of link is yellow so it is 
clearer to see how the document will look when processed, titles 
are underlined, document title is bold, etc...)

When I merged both files, I also improved some of the regular expressions.

Feedback welcome !

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