Hi Dag

Dag Wieers wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have the unfortunate news to report that it was unclear to me that the 
> asciidoc syntax file for vim was a rewrite of what was posted on the 
> mailinglist.

Apologies for the confusion, I communicated with Felix back in April and
omitted to cc the mailing list -- the plan was that Felix would put a
note on vim.org marking his original script as obsolete. I've appended a
copy of my communication with Felix at the end of this message.

> Since I worked on my own version and was recently finishing it for 
> testing. I noticed that on OpenSUSE with a newer vim the official asciidoc 
> syntax file was shipped already.
> I then tried to merge what I already had with the official asciidoc syntax 
> file and this resulted in the file that is available from:
>       http://svn.rpmforge.net/svn/trunk/tools/asciidoc-vim/
> My intention was to stay away from "highlight link" since it is 
> incompatible with vim < 6.0. Also I wanted to stay away from the 
> default highlight definitions since they are oriented at programming 
> languages.
> Secondly, current shells have capabilities like underlining and bold. And 
> gvim can even do italic. For that reason, I defined the style for most 
> highlight definitions myself, including term, cterm and gui.
> I also added a few vim config settings that probably do not belong in this 
> file, but are very useful.
> I like the coloring of this file over the official one as I tried to make 
> sure that the meaning of the color is consistent over different Docbook 
> tags. (eg. yellow means monospace, visible part of link is yellow so it is 
> clearer to see how the document will look when processed, titles 
> are underlined, document title is bold, etc...)
> When I merged both files, I also improved some of the regular expressions.
> Feedback welcome !

I've tried your syntax file -- it works well!

As for the colors that I implemented, I aimed for consistency (titles 
magenta, monospace text cyan, attributes red ...) and I just choose the 
set of colors that appealed to me most -- but since we all perceive 
colors differently it certainly won't appeal to everyone.

I've put a link on the 'Vim Syntax Highlighter' section of the AsciiDoc 
home page to your project, and in the next release's User Guide.

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Cheers, Stuart

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Subject: Re: [asciidoc-discuss] vim syntax file - upload on vim.org
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2007 09:10:17 +1200
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Hi Felix

Felix Obenhuber wrote:
> Hi Stuart,
>> Your syntax file inspired me to implement all the asciidoc syntactic
>> elements, you can download it from:
>> http://www.methods.co.nz/asciidoc/asciidoc.vim
>> It hasn't been tested extensively but seems to work OK on all my
>> AsciiDoc source files. I've also implement a filetype detection file:
>> http://www.methods.co.nz/asciidoc/asciidoc_filetype.vim
> Great work! Haven't seen any faults in my txt files du a short test.
> Are the links persistent? If yes i would place a note on vim.org and 
mark my
> script as obsolete due it's only a small subset of your implementation.

I will leave this beta release on the website. I am working on the next
AsciiDoc release (hopefully in about a week) and plan to ship a release
version of the syntax files as part of the new release. I'll only delete
them once the new release comes out.

Thanks so much for your implementation -- without your script I would
not have been motivated to write (or even thought of writing) the full
set of syntax rules. It's more useful than I first thought (I've already
spotted a couple of syntax errors in files I had previously missed).

> cheers,
> Felix

Cheers, Stuart

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