Wow, great stuff. Thanks again, this is good advice
that I will put to work. Any thoughts on including a
<title></title> in the asciidoc source text file,
which  will properly go into the <head></head>? (From
reading the docs it looks like I need a First level
title, but is there any way to put it in without
having it show visibly on the page as a title or

--- Stuart Rackham <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I use 3 indispensable tools: Firefox plus the Web
> Developer addin and 
> the Firebug addin. Here's how I (try) to work:
> - After any changes I validate the the local XHTML
> file at W3 using Web 
> Developer (Ctrl+Shift+A). I also use xmllint(1) in
> my build scripts for 
> gross validation checks.
> - Once I've got valid code I turn to the CSS -- I've
> found the Firebug 
> Inspect command really valuable for learning about
> CSS and visualizing 
> exactly what's going on (without it CSS makes my
> brain hurt).
> - Finally I turn to non-conforming browsers (IE6 I'm
> talking about you) 
> and try to devise any necessary work-arounds.

Yahoo! oneSearch: Finally, mobile search 
that gives answers, not web links.

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