The html5 asciidoc output uses GNU source-highlight by default. 
Unfortunately the default settings for C/C++ highlighting seem to end up 
using proportional fonts, or at least fonts which are not the same width 
across all of italic / bold / plain styles, which screws up the alignment 
of struct declarations.

When I examine the generated HTML, the CSS style getting applied to the 
code appears to be "monospace" inherited from <tt>, but the rendering in 
Chromium is definitely not fixed-width. This seems like an issue with the 
default asciidoc CSS getting applied, not to source-highlight itself, but 
that's as far as I've gotten.Can this be addressed by localizing the 
asciidoc CSS for html5 and specifying a different font-family for <tt> 
tags, or something along those lines?

Attached: example code with test.adoc -> test.html output showing the 
problem. asciidoc 8.69.



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