On 2016/9/11 17:09, Faré wrote:
> 1- While the trivial convenience function bundle-system was removed,
> the underlying functionality still exists. The function was ill-named
> legacy of dubious value. Do ABCL users actually use this function as
> such?

[Sorry for the late reply]

As far as I know, no one actively uses BUNDLE-SYSTEM for ABCL, instead
using the [ASDF-JAR ABCL contrib][1], which allows a system to
(optionally recursively) package all dependencies of an ASDF system into
a single binary artifact (a jar file containing all the code).

If I understand things conceptually correctly, if their were a stable
BUNDLE-SYSTEM, we would move the code for ASDF-JAR to use those interfaces.

[1]: http://abcl.org/trac/browser/trunk/abcl/contrib/asdf-jar

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