The usage of DEFSYSTEM-DEPENDS-ON to specify dependencies that will be
satisfied by QL:QUICKLOAD no longer seems to be working in asdf-3.3.1.

It used to be the case that to use the [PROVE testing framework][1], it was
sufficient to place a

   :defsystem-depends-on (:prove-asdf)

clause in the secondary system to be tested, and then upon a QL:QUICKLOAD of 
this system,
the dependency on PROVE was then resolved via a network download from Quicklisp.


I believe this was working with asdf-3.2, but testing that assumption is a 
little hard as
asdf-3.3 refuses to degrade itself with a downgrade, and all my systems are 
running asdf-3.3.

Maybe something in Quicklisp changed as well?

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