Ah, right.

1. SBCL and ASDF 3.3.1

2. I'm not sure if these change when running asdf:load-system, but for the moment they are all nil:

CL-USER> asdf::*uninteresting-conditions*
CL-USER> asdf::*uninteresting-compiler-conditions*
CL-USER> asdf::*warnings-file-type*



On 6/9/18 2:13 PM, Robert Goldman wrote:

Two suggestions:

 1. Let us know the implementation, implementation version, and ASDF
 2. Look at the values of |*uninteresting-conditions*|,
    |*uninteresting-compiler-conditions*|, and |*warnings-file-type*|
    in your running lisp.

That will help us figure out why you are seeing this effect.


On 9 Jun 2018, at 16:06, Cyrus Harmon wrote:

    I don't know enough about ASDF to know if I'm running with
    deferred warnings -- I'm just trying to do (asdf:load-system ...)
    and removing the with-muffled-compiler-conditions form (which
    itself is inside a with-saved-deferred-warnings form) makes the
    trace output reappear. I could well be overestimating of that
    particular form, but somehow the TRACE output is being swallowed
    unless that form is removed.

    On 6/9/18 1:54 PM, Robert Goldman wrote:

    On 9 Jun 2018, at 12:38, Cyrus Harmon wrote:

        Dear ASDF folks,

        I was trying to trace calls to compile-file today and noticed
        that the with-muffled-compiler-conditions form in
        uiop:compile-file* muffles trace output. Is there anyway to
        make it not do that?



    I think you are overestimating the effect of this form. *UNLESS*
    you are running with deferred warnings, this will only muffle
    |*uninteresting-conditions*| and

    By default, those are bound to |NIL|, so this shouldn't be
    causing your problem.


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