Well, if you are comfortable cutting that macro line out of your copy of ASDF, maybe you could tweak that line of code so that it prints the values of those variables?

I'm wondering if this is a bug in SBCL instead of ASDF. I can replicate your result: on SBCL, tracing `COMPILE-FILE` does not print anything. *But* when I made this modification:
  (defun call-with-muffled-conditions (thunk conditions)
    "calls the THUNK in a context where the CONDITIONS are muffled"
(handler-bind ((t #'(lambda (c) (when (match-any-condition-p c conditions) (format t "~&MUFFLING CONDITION ~a~%" c)
                                      (muffle-warning c)))))
      (funcall thunk)))
... then I **did** see output from tracing `COMPILE-FILE`.

Also, on *neither* Allegro *nor* (my antique copy of) Clozure can I replicate this issue.

Pending new evidence, I think this is for the SBCL folks to deal with... Is there any chance that SBCL might have trouble tracing calls inside `APPLY`? I can't see why this macro would make any difference, now that I see that it's not trying to muffle anything.


On 9 Jun 2018, at 16:17, Cyrus Harmon wrote:

Ah, right.

1. SBCL and ASDF 3.3.1

2. I'm not sure if these change when running asdf:load-system, but for the moment they are all nil:

CL-USER> asdf::*uninteresting-conditions*
CL-USER> asdf::*uninteresting-compiler-conditions*
CL-USER> asdf::*warnings-file-type*



On 6/9/18 2:13 PM, Robert Goldman wrote:

Two suggestions:

 1. Let us know the implementation, implementation version, and ASDF
 2. Look at the values of |*uninteresting-conditions*|,
    |*uninteresting-compiler-conditions*|, and |*warnings-file-type*|
    in your running lisp.

That will help us figure out why you are seeing this effect.


On 9 Jun 2018, at 16:06, Cyrus Harmon wrote:

    I don't know enough about ASDF to know if I'm running with
    deferred warnings -- I'm just trying to do (asdf:load-system ...)
    and removing the with-muffled-compiler-conditions form (which
    itself is inside a with-saved-deferred-warnings form) makes the
    trace output reappear. I could well be overestimating of that
    particular form, but somehow the TRACE output is being swallowed
    unless that form is removed.

    On 6/9/18 1:54 PM, Robert Goldman wrote:

    On 9 Jun 2018, at 12:38, Cyrus Harmon wrote:

        Dear ASDF folks,

I was trying to trace calls to compile-file today and noticed
        that the with-muffled-compiler-conditions form in
        uiop:compile-file* muffles trace output. Is there anyway to
        make it not do that?



    I think you are overestimating the effect of this form. *UNLESS*
    you are running with deferred warnings, this will only muffle
    |*uninteresting-conditions*| and

    By default, those are bound to |NIL|, so this shouldn't be
    causing your problem.


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