I have a library that provides `DEF-UNIMPLEMENTED` as a macro for defining stub functions. When you compile a file with unimplemented functions, you get a warning of the type `FOO:UNIMPLEMENTED-STUB` in my library `FOO`.

I'd like to put in an asdf system definition a file spec something like this:

(:file "file-with-stubs"
:method (:around (o c) 
 (handler-bind ((foo:unimplemented-stub
                              #'(lambda (c)
                                  (print c)
                                  (muffle-warning c))
but, of course, the package `foo` doesn't exist when this is read (although I could put `(asdf:load-system "foo")` upstream of the enclosing defsystem).

This isn't a case that's nicely consistent with Faré's hack for translating strings or keyword symbols, nor does it seem easy to use `find-symbol` for this purpose.



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