I had extracted a manual for UIOP using HELambdaP (helambdap.sf.net).

I use it as a test bed


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On 15 Aug 2018, at 8:59, Hugo Ishimaru wrote:

Hi all,

I have extracted a UIOP's manual from docstrings:
It's not perfect in any means as docstring isn't written in a markup langugage, 
but will be at least a comprehensive reference. The relevant fork of ASDF is in 
The greater part of the generation conforms to that of Alexandria, which 
depends on SBCL (sb-texinfo).

I send this mail as it states
> Help wanted extracting working documentation from UIOP's docstrings.
in README.md though I might not understand a historical context.

Hugo Ishimaru

Thank you very, very much! I am going to be away from ASDF for about a week 
now, but I will look for it as soon as I get back. This will be very helpful 


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