Hi all,

I have added the UIOP's manual to index.html and integrated the
generation into the main Makefile just like that of ASDF (rsync is not
I wish this will be helpful to you. (I'll do a merge request if you
need, of course)

Hugo Ishimaru

2018-08-15 15:59 GMT+02:00 Hugo Ishimaru <privet.kitt...@gmail.com>:
> Hi all,
> I have extracted a UIOP's manual from docstrings:
> https://privet-kitty.github.io/etc/uiop.html
> It's not perfect in any means as docstring isn't written in a markup
> langugage, but will be at least a comprehensive reference. The relevant fork
> of ASDF is in Github:
> https://github.com/privet-kitty/asdf/tree/uiop-man/uiop/doc
> The greater part of the generation conforms to that of Alexandria, which
> depends on SBCL (sb-texinfo).
> I send this mail as it states
>> Help wanted extracting working documentation from UIOP's docstrings.
> in README.md though I might not understand a historical context.
> Regards
> Hugo Ishimaru

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