In honor of the impending 2019 European Lisp Symposium, today we release ASDF 3.3.3, the third bugfix release for the 3.3 release series.

We urge implementations that are currently bundling previous versions of ASDF -- and especially those bundling 3.3.0 or 3.3.1 -- to upgrade to 3.3.3 at their earliest convenience.

Immense thanks, as always, to Faré Rideau. Also thanks to the many bug reporters and patch submitters including (alphabetically):

*  Marius Gerbershagen
*  Hugo Ishimaru
*  Attila Lendvai
*  Jan Moringen
*  P. Neidhardt
*  François-René Rideau
*  Eric Timmons
*  Didier Verna
*  "privet-kitty"

The Changelog:

  Bug fix release:
* Dependency tracking: fix bugs in handling misnamed secondary systems.
    We now distinguish between "syntactic" and "semantic" primariness,
    properly warn in case a secondary system is misnamed, yet properly
    recompile or avoid spurious recompilation depending on whether
    there or not is a conflict or redefinition.
    Similarly handle package-inferred-system (thanks to Eric Timmons).
    Better warning in a fishy case of compute-action-stamp.
* UIOP: Fix loading, allow the user to specify UIOP location from which
        to load.
  * SBCL compatibility: Fix issue with deferred warnings on SBCL.
  * Allegro compatibility: Fix issue detecting "modern" lisp.
  * Genera compatibility: Fix minor issues.  Not fully tested.
  * ECL compatibility: Bundling fixes.
* Fiveam-ASDF: Added to contrib/ example system for integrating FiveAM
    tests with ASDF's test-op.
* Miscellaneous fixes: Avoid an infinite loop parsing :perform options,
        quash warnings for known bad system names that won't be fixed.
  * Documentation: Multiple user-contributed documentation fixes.
  * Tests: Miscellaneous improvements.

-- Francois-Rene Rideau <> Wed, 27 Mar 2019 17:33:42 -0400

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