Would PRINT ON help? That seems too simplistic though.....

Regards – Grant.

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The LIBMAC option will cause the assembler to embed the library macros you call 
in the input stream (and listing).  See the HLASM Programmer's Guide.  From 
there, you should be able to cut and paste what you need.

If the offending statement is an assembler or machine instruction (as opposed 
to a macro instruction such as SET), the PRINT GEN statement might show you 
what you want.  But if the macro contains a PRINT NOGEN or PRINT OFF statement, 
it will overrule your statement.

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> Subject: Printing macro expansion?
> I have in SYSPRINT:
>   Loc  Object Code    Addr1 Addr2  Stmt   Source Statement
>                                       1 *
>                                       2          PRINT MCALL,MSOURCE
>                                       3          MyMacro
> ** ASMA144E Begin-to-continue columns not blank - MACRO - MyMacro
> ** ASMA435I Record 72 in 
> SYS16258.T163544.RA000.BADMAC.LIBE.H01(MyMacro)
> on volume: WORK01
> What additional PRINT options must I specify to show the entire 
> expansion of the macro?  Particularly since the error is not in Record 
> 72, but a misplaced continuation mark in the previous record.
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