PCONTROL(ON,GEN) option on the assembly step may help. See PCONTOL in the HLASM 
Programer's Guide.

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On 2016-09-14 17:27, Hardee, Chuck wrote:
> Try "COPYing" the macro into your program so that the macro source is listed.
> That may be enough to get to the bottom of it.
If I have the source, I can inspect it without "COPYing" it/

> What line 72 in the macro?
In fact, it's obvious to me what the error is.  Simply, I'd like enough context 
to appear in HLASM SYSPRINT that I might copy-and-paste a concise dozen lines 
in a trouble report to the author.  My wish is for the process, not for the 

(Apparently they validated with an off-brand assembler.)

-- gil
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