The TR command would leave all the non-numeric characters in the data, 
translated as you specified, so you'd have to have a technique to pass through 
the result to remove them.  A TRT instruction would help you find the 
non-numeric characters, but in this case it would be considerably slower in 
execution than the character by character loop approaches suggested.

If the original manually-entered data is not edited as it's entered, there could be many other characters 
besides "$",",","." and EBCDIC numeric characters in it.  That's something TRT 
could check for.

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On 2016-10-17 15:11,<> wrote:

Won't a TR followed by a PACK do this?

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since it was my original question and thanks for all of the
suggestions, the data input was manual into a 20 byte character field
including $ signs, commas, and periods (ex. $13,532,908.01) and I am
trying to convert to pack decimal for additional reporting on a zOS
MVS machine
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