Dr. Martin Ward, could you at least show us the parts of HLASM OOP you can 
figure out? You've seen OOP languages, so you should know the basics. I would 
love to show how easy it is to use HLASM OOP. 

> Dr. Martin Ward wrote:
> The man or boy test

Kudo's for being disrespectful without being disrespectful. The last line shows 
you were intending this for me, knowing full well I wouldn't waste my time 
learning a language that is irrelevant to me.

> Dr. Martin Ward wrote:
> My message was a response to the rather broad claim that> the functionality 
> of any non-trivial macro cannot be made

> "available / usable / maintainable in ANY other language"

Of all the C programmers who've made many absurd statements in this group, you 
are by far the worst. The PLI & PLX actually showed me that they can do it in 
their language and I agreed once I understood. You were too inept to piggyback 
off them. Instead, you use a very feeble example and totally ignore the spirit 
of my point.


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