Hi all,

I would like to know if it could be possible to have and separate Msg/IP 
scorring for messages with non printable characters in
undecoded subject (RFC2047) or have a way to disable just that that check?  
I'am asking this because I have a rather large user base
of mostly french speaking people, and a lot of HAM messages, mostly coming from 
MFC printers, FAX Machines and B2B Portals  are
triggering the bombSubjectRE and then get blocked by ASSP.  I don't want to 
have to disable doBombHeaderRe or lower  bombValencePB
here because I use bombSubjectRE extensively to trap scams and spear-phishing 
emails and it work's great.  It's just that RFC2047
check that is giving me some troubles... and apparently I can't rely on Canon, 
Xerox or HP  to fix there buggy cr*p.  

Thanks guys and keep up the good work,  


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