Any value in using Senderbase's top senders by IP (assuming there's an API
or other method to access this info)?

I've been thinking about looking at the top 100 senders for the day, only
considering the POOR reputation ones and having ASSP score that.

Senderbase in general is a great resource, but when you have shared
providers like Amazon AWS, who anyone can send from, it would be nice to
have Senderbase's opinion of the IP itself.  We could score the   Sure, we
already have DNSBL, but this would be another score to consider.

Or maybe I'm really just getting at using a senderbase poor reputation as a
scoring factor for ASSP vs only looking at the top senders:
shows this specific IP as poor, really poor considering the increase in
volume, but AFAIK ASSP won't use that info unless that IP or AmazonAWS is
in BlackSenderbase right??

All of this of course is a moot point if ASSP can't access this info via a
DNS query or some other method.
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