So I just wanted to report that I downloaded the Perl 5.20.2 version 
from the ASSP SourceForge page and I am not seeing a crash every hour 
like I reported previously. There must be a Perl module that caused the 
issue and unfortunately I don't know which one may have caused this. 
When I downloaded Perl 5.20.1 from the SourceForge ASSP page I had to 
update several modules through CPAN using the command line. So I believe 
one of the updated modules must have been what the crash was stemming from.

When I downloaded 5.20.2 from the ASSP SourceForge page I did not have 
to update any modules. ASSP reported all modules were up to date in the 
interface and all appears to be running smooth so far. So my guess on 
the Strawberry Perl 64bit installation was most likely a similar issue 
with a module not playing nice with ASSP is what caused my issues. 
Strawberry Perl 64bit would not even communicate with MYSQL at all even 
though the module was loaded.

So just in case anyone else has a similar issue like this, you might 
want to try out the 5.20.2 Perl on the ASSP SourceForge page.

On 9/15/2016 2:24 PM, Jay wrote:
> Good day.
> Anyone having issues with ASSP crashing every hour with Perl version
> perl_5.20.1__4-assp from 2015-02-25 that's posted on the ASSP
> SourceForge page? I made sure that all the perl modules are up to date
> and the ASSP interface page shows all modules are up to date. We are
> running ASSP version 2.5.1(16100) on a Windows 2008R2 64bit server. Do I
> need to update to a different version of Perl? I had issues getting
> Strawberry Perl 64bit to run properly so I downloaded the
> version I listed above. About every hour there's an entry for unclean
> shutdown detected listed in my maillog.txt. I already checked the
> moduleloaderrors.txt file and no errors reported. Also the server does
> not have any anti-virus installed yet. It's a fresh OS installation with
> only the latest Microsoft updates installed.
> I double checked to make sure that Crypt-GOST is the latest one
> installed and it's version 1.01. ASSP also interfaces with MySQL 5.5 for
> spamdb and HMMdb. Would turning on debug in ASSP help me narrow down
> what is causing the crash?
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