[Mostly Olga's idea (who is away and can't post anyway here since the
AT&T spam filters have a grudge against her native name... ;-( )]

Woud the following syntax for paths relative to a directory fd "dirfd"
be possible without violating POSIX (right now the only way to archive
this is to use /dev/fd/${dirfd}/ ... which works OK but may not be
suiteable for a new version of the POSIX standard since POSIX does not
mandate any absolute paths):


(where "dirfd" is a directory fd and "foo/bar/txt" is a path relative
to this fd)

Example usage:
-- snip --
# print contents of /etc/profile and /etc/ksh.kshrc
redirect {dirfd}<"/etc"
cat <~{dirfd}/profile
cat <~{dirfd}/ksh.kshrc
-- snip --



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