hi AST and UWIN users.

as many of you noticed, the download site on www.research.att.com went
off the air shortly before the end of the year due to some security issue.

the timing was unfortunate because several people including me were on
vacation so it's been down for a long time.

but we've finally managed to move most of that software on GitHub.
you can find the AST and UWIN software packages under https://github.com/att/:
/att/ast and /att/uwin.
(btw. the /att tree on GitHub hosts a lot of open source software developed
by the AT&T Research group. feel free to browse. I'll be putting up some
of my code there soon).

/att/ast corresponds to the ast-open package. it includes the software that
was also available under individual packages, like ast-ksh, ast-dss, etc.,
so I decided to only create this one.
it has 3 branches, matching the old structure: master (i.e. official), alpha,
and beta. beta is the most recent one. it includes the last package I had
gotten from Glenn and Dave with some minor fixes to get it to compile on some
new OS versions, like Centos 7 and Ubuntu 14.

/att/uwin is the source code for the UWIN system. it has a master and a beta
branch. I don't have an environment to build and test this on, so I don't know
how well it builds.

cloning either of these git repos is equivalent to downloading the INIT and
ast-open (or INIT and uwin) packages from the old site and then running:
./bin/package read.
so the next step after the clone step is to run: ./bin/package make.
vanilla build, where no previous version of NMAKE is available should still
work and on some systems that was actually the way to go for me.

as an example, to get and compile the beta branch of AST:

git clone --branch beta https://github.com/att/ast.git
cd ast
./bin/package make

very little of the documentation from the old site has moved to the GitHub
site, I'll try to migrate the rest later, I just wanted to get the software
up again.



E. Koutsofios
AT&T Labs - Research

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