Thanks Lefty for all the work getting this up and running. I know dgk has
some patches in the works. He may be offline for the next few weeks.

On Tue, Jan 19, 2016, 4:06 PM Eleftherios Koutsofios <>

> hi AST and UWIN users.
> as many of you noticed, the download site on went
> off the air shortly before the end of the year due to some security issue.
> the timing was unfortunate because several people including me were on
> vacation so it's been down for a long time.
> but we've finally managed to move most of that software on GitHub.
> you can find the AST and UWIN software packages under
> /att/ast and /att/uwin.
> (btw. the /att tree on GitHub hosts a lot of open source software developed
> by the AT&T Research group. feel free to browse. I'll be putting up some
> of my code there soon).
> /att/ast corresponds to the ast-open package. it includes the software that
> was also available under individual packages, like ast-ksh, ast-dss, etc.,
> so I decided to only create this one.
> it has 3 branches, matching the old structure: master (i.e. official),
> alpha,
> and beta. beta is the most recent one. it includes the last package I had
> gotten from Glenn and Dave with some minor fixes to get it to compile on
> some
> new OS versions, like Centos 7 and Ubuntu 14.
> /att/uwin is the source code for the UWIN system. it has a master and a
> beta
> branch. I don't have an environment to build and test this on, so I
> don't know
> how well it builds.
> cloning either of these git repos is equivalent to downloading the INIT and
> ast-open (or INIT and uwin) packages from the old site and then running:
> ./bin/package read.
> so the next step after the clone step is to run: ./bin/package make.
> vanilla build, where no previous version of NMAKE is available should still
> work and on some systems that was actually the way to go for me.
> as an example, to get and compile the beta branch of AST:
> git clone --branch beta
> cd ast
> ./bin/package make
> very little of the documentation from the old site has moved to the GitHub
> site, I'll try to migrate the rest later, I just wanted to get the software
> up again.
> thanks
> lefteris
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