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This is just a quick query regarding the latest change to report an
error if DeadAGI is used on a live channel. (New Revision: 75437)

If you have an AGI that you need to keep running after the channel has
terminated (I.E. routing and billing), I was under the assumption that
DeadAGI was the better to use.

- From VoIP-Info:

The main difference is that the AGI application *may terminate* if the
line is hung up during execution and DeadAGI will not terminate even if
the call is hung up during execution, however, the call leg will not
automatically enter a "down" state until execution is completed if
executed on a live line. As such, commands and applications designed to
return the call state will inaccurately return an "up" status.

The latest version states:

Running DeadAGI on a live channel will cause problems, please use AGI

So, what are we supposed to use if we want to run an AGI on a live
channel and continue processing after hangup?

I know this is "-user"ish but I was hoping juggie might be able to
respond as he wrote the patch.

Are we fine using AGI in this situation?  If so, I'll update the wiki to
be a bit more verbose.

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Matt Riddell

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