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> Hello,
> I am currently using a lot of SIP MESSAGEs, which rely on the
> Message/ast_msg_queue channel in Asterisk. Unless I misunderstood
> something, this channel is acting as a kind of "singleton" : there is only
> one instance of this channel, which processes one message after the other.
> This behaviour makes it more difficult to handle large amounts of messages,
> especially if the dialplan handling the messages takes a long time to
> execute.
> So my questions are the following :
> 1- what is the reason for this "singleton" behaviour ? Why not creating
> one channel for each SIP message ?
> 2- is it technically possible (and even desirable) to change this
> behaviour ?

Creating one channel per message would work for individual messages.  It
work if your messages have a sequence to them.

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