In a new review request ([1]) I call for removing code that supports
dialing a DAHDI channel by name. I suspect this feature was never
actually used. I quote here from the commit message:

Support for referring to DAHDI channels by logical names was added in
(FIXME: when? Asterisk 11? 1.8?) and was intended to be part of support
of refering to channels by name.

While technically usable, it has never been properly supported in
dahdi-tools, as using it would require many changes at the Asterisk
level. Instead logical mapping was added at the kernel level.

Thus it seems that refering to DAHDI channels by name is not really used
by anyone, and therefore should probably be removed.

So, has anyone used this feature? Anybody found it useful?

[1] https://gerrit.asterisk.org/4156

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