wish list for small provider looking for a voicemail configuration:

1. user tutorial to setup voicemail 2. passcode entry 3. one user name 4.
only one greeting, not several 5. greeting can be up to 3 minutes 6.
messages can be up to 3 minutes 7. messages can be saved or deleted 8.
email notification of messages option 9. phone call message delivery to
customers option
10. visual voicemail notification to android - ios phones
11. voice to text transcription for message notifications
12. explore sms message delivery to customers option
13. all messages deleted after 60 days 14. option for greeting only
15. user options to change name, passcode, or greeting
16. time zone option
16. gui for provisioning using something like datatables.net - will provide

thank you and i can be contacted at hasanxmalik at gmail dot com
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