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> Hi,


> >>
> >> Why are we building against an EOL version of CentOS and an equally old
> version of Openssl 1.0.x?
> >
> > CentOS 7 is still widely used and is something we're supporting. It's
> the oldest distro I think really that we're still supporting, which is why
> CI/CD uses it.
> Then maybe bracket things, with a 2nd build environment that's relatively
> modern and with current releases of runtimes and toolchains?

It is certainly possible to do this.

> Can we deprecate res_crypto.so on Openssl 1.0.x and say it's no longer
> supported?

This is not something that we'd do.

> >> Can we update the CI/CD recipe to something more current?  Like CentOS
> 8.5?
> >
> > Update? No. Add in addition? Possibly, but I don't want to sink time
> into it at this point because we're planning to move away from our current
> environment and usage (not for a few months, email and wiki page coming in
> the future).
> Then... my reviews are parked until they can get a successful build?
> Or do we just test the reviews outside of CI/CD?
> I've added a workaround for the bug in Openssl 1.0.2f, and confirmed that
> it was fixed for the 1.1.0 release.
> At the very least builds against Openssl 1.1.x or 3.0 (maybe with a tag or
> attribute in the Gerrit review so that not every review consumes the
> resources unnecessarily) would give coverage...

Until your reviews are actually looked at and thought about I don't think
any direction can be decided or enacted.

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