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> > On 5/14/22 20:01, Philip Prindeville wrote:
> >> Why are we building against an EOL version of CentOS and an equally old
> version of Openssl 1.0.x?
> >
> > CentOS 7 continues to receive maintenance updates until the end of June
> 2024 (https://wiki.centos.org/About/Product).
> >
> > One of the key features of LTS releases is that nothing gets updated,
> this includes OpenSSL.
> >
> If it's not updated (not even for CVE's), then how is that any different
> from EOL?
> On a different topic, can we add -std=c11 to CFLAGS for Asterisk?

Why, and what is the actual impact to the user base?

Something to keep in mind when it comes to Asterisk when thinking about
this stuff is that it's not a small project. There's a large user base, so
everything like this (not supporting CentOS 7, adding -std=c11 to CFLAGS)
has to be completely understood with its impact before consideration. We
can't just deprecate things without ample notice, change build requirements
on a whim, etc. That's not how we roll as a project.

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