> I have Asterisk running well inside our network. I did some 
> experiments exposing it to internet but had some issues:
> 1. NAT issues (voice one way, etc). From what I understand double-
> NAT users will always have something like this
> 2. Immediately I see people trying to hack into. I did configure 
> Fail2Ban and it works somewhat, but not 100%. Erroneous logs, etc
> So.. I ended up closing network. Currently most users inside 
> network. My home router have GRE tunnel to office so phone works just 
> Another user uses VPN and soft phone and it works good too.
> Now I need to setup some users with actual phone devices and none of
> those solutions will work. So, I did some research and found 
> that some phones have VPN capability built in. 
> Right now I use Cisco SPA504G phones. We have auto-provisioning for 
> them, works well. But I don’t think they have VPN capability.
> What I found it that Cisco 525g2 has AnyConnect functionality (SSL 
> VPN) but not sure if this is what I need.
> We have Mikrotik router. Can I setup VPN on router and have this 
> Cisco phone auto-dial VPN and then connect to Asterisk? I’m asking 
> to see if this will work before I go in and buy that phone.
> Or maybe there is other devices/solutions you suggest? I’d like to 
> stay with Cisco because I’m somewhat familiar with provisioning those..

I haven't done this myself, but I think what you need to look at is phones 
that can do IPSEC vpn setups.

For the Mikrotik router, this may be helpful to start investigating:

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