Hi All

We have about 15 different asterisk boxes around the place and on my list has been automate deployment updates and keep a revision history. They are mostly not publicly accessible, and external SIP access is closely firewalled , so updates happen straight away when its something like heartbleed, but take a while to trust/test new releases.

Our boxes are Ubuntu LTS - mostly 14.04 at the moment. We use Freebpx as the configuration front end and so that tends to be a more manual update, although there is an API we could use to keep things in step. We run backups from freepbx and archive those as well as any specific asterisk settings missed. At the moment our scale means manual is okay, but automation would make it easier if the learning curve and new issues aren't too high.

We compile asterisk from source as the packages aren't usually quite what we want.

I was just curious how people deploy asterisk across multiple platforms and keep them all up to date?

What tools are good for this sort of thing?

Thanks very much

Cheers Duncan

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