Hi Guys


I have an issue where a call is picked up from a queue. The caller asks the
person who answered to attended transfer to extension 3082 (for argument's


3082 picks up the attended transfer and speaks with the outside caller
picked up initially from the queue.


A few seconds after 3082 has started speaking to the outside caller


- 3082's call goes dead in their handset.


- The outside caller goes back into the queue, hears queue MOH and gets
answered by another person in the office as if they are dialing in all over


- 3082's phone starts ringing again after they hang up in puzzlement and if
they then pick up they speak to another person who is trying to make an
OUTGOING call in their call center.


This is for a medium sized call center which (along with 17 other centers in
the same country) run the same dialplan on Asterisk - only happens
at this location.


Literally 100 000+ calls are handled across these 18 centers every day, only
about 10 or 20 at this one center (with carbon-copy dialplan and SIP phone
hardware types - Yealink T-21Ps - as at every other branch) keeps
disconnecting people picked up and transferred from the incoming queue from
the person transferred to, and then connects them and the transferree to
other phones - the caller as if he is phoning in AGAIN into the incoming
queue, the transferred-to person to someone else who is trying to dial out
once the transferred-to person has hung up after losing the incoming caller.


Anybody ever encountered something similar? The same dialplan on the same
Ast version runs fine in 17 other locations, some with ten or twenty times
more traffic and none of these issues.


No errors or strangeness apparent in the CLI, verbose log, DTMF log...





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