We have used AMI for many years and I'm in the process of migrating to ARI.

My understanding is the call should be handed off to Stasis for the ARI 
application to control it.

I was playing around with things and discovered the ARI hangup (DELETE 
/channels/{channelId}) allowed me to hangup calls even when no StasisStart is 
I tried some other requests and they did not seem to work.  This is what I 
expected to happen for the hangup.
Are there other commands that are allowed on channels when the call is not in 
the Stasis app?  (Obviously creating a channel and externalMedia will work 
because they create new channels).

Also, to be fault tolerant, I noticed a call handed off to Stasis app will 
remain in the Stasis app, even if the ARI/WebSocket connection drops (power 
outage, etc).  When establishing the ARI/WebSocket connection, the first thing 
I am planning to do is GET a list of the channels.  This returns all of the 
channels in the system and not just the channels that are in this Stasis apps 
control.  I plan to go through the list and identify the channels dialplan 
data.  Look for app_name of Stasis and the app_data (comma-delimited).
If app_name = "Stasis" and app_data's first section of the comma-delimited 
parse portion matches the Stasis app name this instance is used, I take control 
of this channel.
I am planning this additional check because I noticed the Stasis power outage 
scenario resulted in channels stuck in the Stasis app.  If I don't take control 
of these channels, it's possible to eventually have hundreds/thousands of 
channels.  For SIP calls, the other end eventually hangs up.  However, this 
isn't the case with Local channels.  Particularly when both ends are locally 
controlled by Stasis.

Does this sound like I am on the right track for migrating from AMI to Stasis, 
ARI/Websocket support?

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