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> We have used AMI for many years and I’m in the process of migrating to ARI.
> My understanding is the call should be handed off to Stasis for the ARI
> application to control it.
> I was playing around with things and discovered the ARI hangup (DELETE
> /channels/{channelId}) allowed me to hangup calls even when no StasisStart
> is received.
> I tried some other requests and they did not seem to work.  This is what I
> expected to happen for the hangup.
> Are there other commands that are allowed on channels when the call is not
> in the Stasis app?  (Obviously creating a channel and externalMedia will
> work because they create new channels).

There's not really a list, some just work due to the internal way they work
in Asterisk.

> Also, to be fault tolerant, I noticed a call handed off to Stasis app will
> remain in the Stasis app, even if the ARI/WebSocket connection drops (power
> outage, etc).  When establishing the ARI/WebSocket connection, the first
> thing I am planning to do is GET a list of the channels.  This returns all
> of the channels in the system and not just the channels that are in this
> Stasis apps control.  I plan to go through the list and identify the
> channels dialplan data.  Look for app_name of Stasis and the app_data
> (comma-delimited).
> If app_name = “Stasis” and app_data’s first section of the comma-delimited
> parse portion matches the Stasis app name this instance is used, I take
> control of this channel.
> I am planning this additional check because I noticed the Stasis power
> outage scenario resulted in channels stuck in the Stasis app.  If I don’t
> take control of these channels, it’s possible to eventually have
> hundreds/thousands of channels.  For SIP calls, the other end eventually
> hangs up.  However, this isn’t the case with Local channels.  Particularly
> when both ends are locally controlled by Stasis.
> Does this sound like I am on the right track for migrating from AMI to
> Stasis, ARI/Websocket support?

You may be able to get the application details[1][2] which would tell you
what the application is subscribed to, which would include the channels.


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