On Thursday 06 April 2023 at 15:48:24, Steve Matzura wrote:

> this is the first time I have attempted a
> from-scratch installation and setup on my own.

...<so far, so good>...

> Then the weeds started to appear, and I was off into them.
> The first was the mention of Alembic.

> Reading on, I found this, regarding an SQL database:

> SQL? Database? Where ... what ...

> Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Well, my first question would be "are you intending to use Asterisk Realtime 
features (ie: configurations in database tables instead of text files) in this 

If you are, then you do need to install a few more packages on your Debian 
system, but if not, then there is no reason to pay any attention at all to 
anything to do with Alembic, Realtime, SQL etc.


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