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A great reason to avoid Asterisk packages and compile from source instead. You'll save yourself a lot of headaches.

That's how I started, by trying to build version 18 from source. It failed. Colossally. The compile of sources would run for a while, then the machine would crash spectacularly--I mean, not just hang or reboot. It actually turned itself off. I tried it several times, and each time it failed in the same way, but at a different spot in the compile process. If ever I could figure out a way to trace that one down, I would. It was the strangest thing.

This sounds like your machine is defective in some major way. Granted, compiling software is pretty intensive, but your machine shouldn't just crash. I would try to figure that out. Is this a VM / bare metal? Have you tried this on another machine?

It's probably eight or nine years old now, an ASRock motherboard with I don't even know what on it in the way of processor speed or power. I should probably pick up another machine but I can't justify the expense because it's only for play, FTP, and running this Asterisk project, which is complete enough now that I don't have to mess with it any more. Who knows--it might even wind up on a spare Raspberry Pi 4, in which case this whole tower can just go away.

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