Who controls how many times an incoming call from an external (DID) provider will ring before Asterisk picks up the call and handles it internally--the provider or Asterisk? If it's the DID provider, I'll work on that with them; if it's Asterisk, I didn't find anything anywhere that looks like it has anything to do with incoming ring count unless you set up a ring-no-answer system. For my purposes, that would mean defining a dummy extension that has no hardware attached to it that would fail over to my current call handling code after it rings once. Is this the proper method for handling this?

You might wonder why I wouldn't want a call to a system that simply plays a message and then takes an optional voicemail message to pick up immediately. Short answer: Don't ask (groan). It's what the project supporter wants, presumably so that the person calling into the system will know their call went through and to be ready to hear the outgoing message, I don't know, it's a customer request so I feel duty-bound to figure it out and implement it.

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