On 5/29/2023 4:12 PM, Steve Matzura wrote:
On 5/28/2023 2:27 PM, Naveen Albert wrote:
However, you can also pass audio without supervising (early media). You typically need to Progress() first to allow this, e.g. for SIP, or audio won't pass at all.


If you want it to ring once and do something else, you could simply do:

exten => s,1,Wait(6) ; 1 ring cycle is 6 seconds
    same => n,Answer(); answer, and do something else

Just as you said at the top of this reply, no audio of any kind gets passed, so all the Wait(6) did was provide six seconds of dead-air silence before the outgoing message played. Oh well. Customers can't have everything. ;-)
Well, yes, that's what you wanted, right? Or maybe I misunderstood. If you want people to hear *something* but not have it answer immediately, for those 6 seconds, amend that to:

exten => s,1,Progress()
   same => n,Playback(foobar,noanswer)
   same => n,Answer()
   same => n,DoSomething()

For example, this is common for playing an outgoing message or voicemail greeting, without supervising immediately, so if the caller hangs up before leaving a message, s/he is not charged for the call. Are you trying to do something like that?

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