Hi all

Using asterisk 16.25

I was trying to stop Mixmonitor using features. The code is executed but I
realized that I was executing StopMixmonitor from another channel so I opted to
use AMI.

When I call MixMonitor I store the channel name in a var and then I use
StopMixmonitor from AMI sending the stored channel name as parameter.

What I've seen is that the app returns failure and going a little bit deeper I
see that the failure comes from the function stop_mixmonitor_full in

datastore = ast_channel_datastore_find(chan, &mixmonitor_ds_info,
       S_OR(args.mixmonid, NULL));
if (!datastore) {
    return -1

I know the error comes from that !datastore but I do not know how to follow and
dig into the problem.

any help?



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